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United, lets raise the bar

Why Us

Skyline Sports Global is a sports agency that specializes in the development, management, and marketing of Canadian athletes. We create and execute on a playbook designed specifically to your needs. 

With over ten years of experience, in the development of all levels of athletes, our organization places its emphasis on the continuous progress of the athlete.









Skyline Sports Global is a sports development organization that aims to empower the larger community. We help Canadian athletes achieve their maximum potential, by providing mentorship and developmental tools to succeed.

Our mission is to rewrite the narrative that Canadian athletes remaining in Canada is a failure. We work with athletes from the grassroots level up to the professional level and beyond. 

At Skyline, we pride ourselves on preparation, integrity, diligence, and open communication. With passion and purpose, we provide individual attention to each of our clients to optimize their talent both on the court and off.

The Skyline team develops a playbook for each individual based on their skills, desires, and future vision. This playbook is used as a roadmap that guides all elements of development. 

Who we are


Meet the Director 

The Director, Ronny grew up attending the Boys and Girls Club, followed by Pathways to Education. Throughout his career, Ronny Musikitele has been an ambassador for youth basketball in his home city of Ottawa.

Ronny attributes much of his success, both professionally and personally, to his experiences playing basketball as a youth.


Ronny has witnessed first-hand how education, recreation and mentorship saves lives. He has taken everything that he learned throughout his life, with the intentions of paying it back


"Being in those programs allowed me to get the best understanding of what support, care and nurturing is all about. These organizations promoted everything that has grown inside me as far as: Making sure every athlete is cared for, Given support, helping them see things they don’t see for themselves. Ultimately, working with Skyline Sports Global gives you the opportunity to have someone who not only cares about your on-court improvement, but most importantly helping you become and feel whole in all aspects of your life. Our connection, ressources, development tools and brand representation makes us the perfect match for athletes looking to reach the next level." 


- Ronny Musikitele



Jordan Mukenga 

6’4 Guard - Laurentian University 

“Skyline sports has helped me with my recruitment, they are a real family and care about you and want to see you succeed.

They stood by me every step of the way.

They helped me having a better

understanding about how to approach every single game and even after every game they were the first to call me to let me know on how I can improve. Most importantly they see me has more than a athlete, they are a brotherhood to me. They take the time to check up on me and see how I’m doing with my general life also my academics, I am glad to be part of the skyline family.”